Sunlars is a small consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations deal with questions or issues where location is part of the answer.  Consider Sunlars as a staff supplement to help with and/or manage; project analysis, scope development, technology acquisition and project management.  Since Sunlars does not represent vendors or receive compensation from them, we remain unbiased in our role as a client advocate.

Guy Larson, the principal and founder, has extensive experience in location intelligence and geospatial industry.

Guy Larson Professional Resume

Korem Corporation: General Manager 2008-2009 (one year merger and transition period)

Korem Inc. is mid-sized location intelligence VAR/integrator based in Quebec City.  Korem acquired Primus Geographics, Inc. April, 2009 as a growth opportunity and an investment in comparable US-based firm, opening them to a larger market.


Primus Geographics, Inc.: Founder, President 1998-2008

Primus, like Korem, was a location intelligence VAR/integrator.  Primus was awarded Partner of the Year by Pitney Bowes MapInfo, SCR (Alteryx) and NAVTEQ on numerous occasions.  Primus represented over 20 geospatial technology firms and a line of over 150 software and data products.  In addition, Primus was the premier Authorized Training Center for Pitney Bowes MapInfo for the western-US.

MapMart.com/IntraSearch: Manager/Trainer 1996-1998

IntraSearch specializes in GIS solutions, and spatial data acquisition and creation.  Data offerings include exclusive historic aerial photography.


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